One of our specialist areas is the export of surplus military vehicles. These vehicles are ideally suited for use in most developing countries, due to their rugged design and simplicity of maintenance, however the purchase of these units can be problematic as there are complex International Laws and restrictions in place controlling the export of surplus military vehicles, hardware, plant and equipment.

Any item which has either been specifically designed or adapted for military use, is on the military list, and classed as Arms or Material for the purposes of export and can prevent you from exporting it from the UK or importing it to your country. ALL items covered by this list need an export licence, be it a Land Rover to France, or a Bedford truck to Mozambique.

It can be a long and complicated process to gain an export licence taking up to 8 weeks at which point you may be refused. We hold a special export licence which covers us to export surplus military vehicles to the majority of countries. There are obviously some locations which we are unable to deal with using this licence, but we may still be able to apply for a specific licence in such an eventuality and subject to approval meet your requirements.



We can hold vehicles for you whilst shipping is arranged, or we can consolidate loads at our premises with other items you have bought to reduce shipping and transport costs.

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